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Tesla Jack Pad For Model 3/Y/X/S
This is a must have car accessory for Tesla. Without it, you may risk damaging the battery of the vehicle when raising it to rotate tires. prevents damage to the chassis and battery Made of highest quality POM Dimensions are...
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Mud Flaps for Model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)  Material             TPE Quantity           set of 4  Colour                  Black   protect the lower portions of your Model...
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Roof Rack For Model 3
Fitment               Model 3 (2018-2023)  Quantity           set of 2  Colour                  Black  The Tesla roof rack provides extra space and is a must-have car product for you to...
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Performance Spoiler for Model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)       Colour           Matt White     Glossy Carbon Fibre   can maintain the stability of the vehicle when in high speeds, reducing wind resistance, saving fuel and keeping safety, make...
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Car Door Handle Wrap Cover for Model 3/Y - Glossy Carbon Fibre
Fitment               Model 3 (2018-2023)    Model Y( 2022-2023) QUANTITY            set of 4   Colour                  Matt Black        Carbon Fibre   Easy installation. Stable characteristics, high reliability....
Car Cover For Model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)      Material             Oxford cloth polyester+cotton velvet+nylon  Colour           Black  prevent dust and dirt from affecting the beauty of your car special cutting technology and...
Rear View Mirror Covers For ModelY
Fitment               Model Y (2022-2023)  QUANTITY            set of 2  Colour                   Glossy Carbon Fibre  It will not only give your Tesla a more attractive and beauty look in...
Wall Mount Charging Holder Cable Organizer For Model 3/Y/X/S
Charger holder Customized for Australia Versions Tesla model 3/S/X/Y high quality plastic, stable and durable prevent internal metal plug from Rain, dust, snow etc.
TESLA Letter Badge
suitable for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X creating a cool 3D effect and making your car more personalized Easy Installation designed for the tailgate of all Tesla models
18‘’ Turbine Wheel Covers Matte Black for Model 3
Fitment               Model 3 (2018-2023)  Material             ABS QUANTITY            set of 4 ( with T logo)  Colour                  Matte Black  Wheel Hubcaps Covers...
T Badge Covers For Model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)          Quantity             set of 3  Colour              Matt Black    It Fit Model 3 Only Easy Installation (Comes with adhesive...
Car Rearview Mirror Film 2 pcs
Car Rearview Mirror Film made of PET material layer+nano Coating+HD hardening layer+protective Film with high transmittance, anti fog wing mirror,durable car blind spot sticker to use, give you the clearer sight and better view in a rainy or foggy day.And...
Tesla Side Indicator Camera Caps
The Side Indicator Camera Caps are an essential and ideal automotive accessory that distinguishes and improves the body of the vehicle.Your Tesla Model 3, Model Y, or Model X will stand out from other vehicles if the side cameras are...
Bonnet Waterproof Strip for Model 3
Fitment               Model 3 (2018-2023)  Material             ABS  Colour                  Black   It belongs to the basic accessories of Tesla. High-quality accessories for your Tesla Model Y....
Brake Caliper Cover for model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)  QUANTITY              set of 4  Colour               Red  Brake Caliper  Covers will not only give your Tesla a more attractive and sporty look in...
Front Lip Splitter for Model 3 - Carbon Fibre Pattern
Front Lip Splitter for Model 3 - Carbon Fibre Pattern
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)  Quantity              set of 3  Colour               Matte Black.   Glossy Carbon Fibre   Exquisite exterior can not only avoid wear and tear, but also...
Coolant Hose Guard Plate For Model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2020-2023)   Colour               Black Prevent some hard objects from hitting or scratching the coolant pipe strengthening the protection of the battery Made of aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity...
Radiator Protective Mesh Grill Panel for Model 3
Fitment             Model 3 (2018-2023)  Material              ABS Quantity              set of w  Colour               Black   Based on 3D scan data, only compatible with...
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